“Vores dejlige klub”

Gentofte Rideklub is placed in historical buildings in the middle of Gentofte only 10 km from the centre of Copenhagen. We have appr. 75 beautiful horses and ponies, of which 29 is used in our riding school. In the riding school we offer classes on all levels from beginners to elite riders in both dressage and jumping.  We also have classes for disabled riders  – both children and adults. Please contact the office to get more information about this. It’s also possible to become a member and get single class training – please contact the office for more information on this. The office can be contacted at: rideskole@gek.dk

We treasure the good times we have with our ponies and horses and with each other. You’re always welcome to drop by and say hello to the horses in the riding school during opening hours. 

Riding classes are taught on our horses and ponies and will be conducted in either the small riding house or on the outside track, whenever the weather allows us. There is a max. of 8 horses/ponies in all classes – though only 6 in the Elite classes. We have waiting lists for the classes which are filled – we don’t charge for a spot on the waiting list.

You need to be a member of Gentofte Rideklub to be able to participate in any of our classes.


For the first riding classes – a bicycle helmet, a pair of shoes/low boots with a low heel and a pair of trousers without a strong seam on the inside of the legs (jeans is not fit for riding) will do. 
Once you know that you’ll continue riding a proper riding helmet and a security vest is a must. A pair of riding boots (rubber or leather) or jodphurs (short riding boots) and a pair of gaiters together with a pair of riding trousers are excellent gift wishes for birthdays and christmas.
Security vests can be borrowed from us the first couple of times you’re riding.

Used equipment can be bought several places  – both trousers, gaiters, vest and boots. Helmets should never be bought used.

Storing equipment

We don’t have the capacity to offer all our members a locker in the wardrobe area. Those lockers are primarily for the pensioners & part riders on the horses in the rdiding school. 

You’re welcome to place your own box with name and lock on on the loft above the riding school – stair is across from the small riding house arena entrance. To keep rats off the grounds it’s not allowed to keep horse feed on the loft or anywhere else on Gentofte Rideklubs area.

Team and level

Gentofte Rideklub offer lessons to kids, teenagers and adults. Kids usually start around the age of 6-7, some a bit later and very few already at 5. Younger kids have difficulties understanding collective messages and in general keep up with the instructions – we focus both on the fun part of riding and on teaching lessons that will improve the level and skills of the pupils.

Do you have special needs we also offer lessons for disabled riders. We do not have riding physiotherapy. Contact the office to know more at: rideskole@gek.dk

The riding instructors are the one deciding which level that best fit you. It means that you can only write yourself up for a team space above “start” or “rookie” (nybegynder) level if your instructor has specifically approved you for it. So keep a good dialogue with your instructor not to miss out on an opportunity to rise in levels…


Look specifically in the list under the different lessons – here.
The price is the same every month not considering if there are 4 or 5 lessons during the month. The price is based on a minimum of 40 lessons/season running from August to June.

We don’t offer replacement lessons if you’re unable to show up for a lesson. If we (Gentofte Rideklub) have to cancel lessons because we’re facing difficulties with illness, if we get below the 40 guaranteed lessons per season, or work-related reasons after special agreement with the board a refund will be granted.

The riders affected will receive notification by mail/text messages. The riding school is closed in July where all the horses are enjoying time off and are sent to the country side (“sommergræs”). 

On holidays (Easter, Ascencion day, Pentecost, Christmas, Winter, Fall) there are no lessons. Instead it’s possible to book single rider lessons with the instructor who is instructing lessons on the particular day. Manager of the riding school will always send out a mail in advance for you to book a single rider lesson and choose which pony/horse you prefer – if any!