Gentofte Rideklub - Maltegaardsvej 20 - 2820 Gentofte

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Gentofte Rideklub (riding club) is a versatile club with riding school as well as stabling of private horses and ponies. We offer courses at all levels of dressage – from absolute beginners to advanced riding – as well as private lessons. With almost 500 members Gentofte Rideklub is one of the largest clubs in the Copenhagen area.

One of our indoor arenas is dedicated to our riding school activities – which are moved outdoor to a large arena whenever the weather permits.

Our instructors focus on not only the educational aspect of riding instruction but also on offering a fun and pleasant atmosphere in which to enjoy the – in our eyes – best sport in the world. Horse management is a serious issue for us – and we insist on parental involvement for our youngest riders.

Gentofte Rideklub is a member of the Danish Riding Federation and adheres to the Federation regulations and recommendations regarding safety and horse management.

We recomend young riders to be 5- 6 years old before starting riding – younger children often lose confidence if asked to ride independently. Entry level is normally a ½-hour lesson (“nybegynder” =new beginner) where an adult must accompany the child in order to help saddle the pony, lead it during the lesson and help unsaddle the pony after the lesson.

As the child gains confidence, the instances where she/he is lead during a lesson changes – in the beginning it might be during the whole lesson – until gradually they can walk, trot and canter on their own. When they can ride on their own to their instructor’s satisfaction, they are switched to a 1-hour lesson (“begynder” = beginner) and gradually learn to ride more independently and at higher levels. Next step is an intermediate course (“mellem”) before our advanced courses (“øvet” and “elite”).

As we have ponies as well as horses, our riders can switch to horses during their teens – the age limit for riding ponies is 16 years of age.

For all members wearing a helmet when riding is mandatory. For beginners, a bicycle helmet can be used the first couple of times – as well as wellies instead of riding boots. Jeans are NOT suitable for riding – softer materials are more suitable.

Gentofte Rideklub offers lessons from August-June and is closed in July (our ponies and horses are on holiday, just like our members!). But new members can join our courses the whole year – openings on the courses appear when our riders advance from one level to another. During the year, lessons are only cancelled on official Danish bankholidays – and one-two weekends when riding competitions require the use of both arenas.

It is a good idea to sign up for the waiting lists for the most popular courses – waiting lists are free of charge.

The lesson schedule can be seen under "rideskole" "hold".

Joining the club and enrolling for courses/waiting lists are done online:

Initially, set up a profile for the rider ("opret profil") and then click on “holdtilmelding” and further on the desired course type, ie “nybegynder” and again on the word “venteliste” by each course.

When the system registers an opening, it will automatically send you an e-mail and/or a text offering you the slot – but only for 48 hours. To accept an offered course, you click on the link in the mail and register payment for the course as well as for membership (halvårligt kontingent)
The system automatically adjusts the initial payment to the number of days left in the month.
If you do not want to ride anymore, you can cancel the course with one month's notice from the 1st. of the month. You can only cancel the course by writing to and wait for the confirmation.